About Us

Who We Are

MailMyPrescriptions.com® is a US mail-order pharmacy headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, that is licensed to dispense prescription drugs in over 40 states. Our founder, Santo Leo, started MailMyPrescriptions.com® in 2016 with one mission: To offer every American the drugs they need at the lowest price possible. Today, our customers can get over 1,400 generic drugs at cash pay wholesale prices shipped to their door within 5 days—guaranteed*.

How It Works

As prescription drugs in the US move from manufacturer to consumer, their prices get marked up by a series of middlemen. By the time a drug gets to you, it’s often priced several thousand percents higher than its actual wholesale acquisition cost. Our founder saw this unfair business practice hurting average Americans and set out to disrupt an industry in need of real change.

MailMyPrescriptions.com® cuts out middlemen and eliminates markups.

We buy authentic, FDA-approved generic drugs from many of the same pharmacy wholesalers as retail drug stores, but we do not charge the suggested list prices, thus saving our customers money. Customers can find their prescription drugs on our website, order by phone from a team of licensed pharmacy staff members, and save up to 90% on retail drug store prices.

It’s that simple. No other pharmacy is as affordable, convenient and trustworthy as MailMyPrescriptions.com®.

*Based on receiving a valid prescription from a licensed United States physician.

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