Automated Refill Terms & Conditions


  • Customers can Opt-In or Opt-Out at any time simply by contacting the pharmacy
  • Controlled substance medications are not eligible to be included in the Auto-Refill Program, but can be ordered through the Automated Refill Hotline
  • Automated refills will be processed for the same quantity as the prior fill
  • Prescriptions for generic medications may be refilled with a different manufacturer’s product (same medication, different color/shape/size
  • If a prescription has expired or does not have refills remaining, the pharmacy will create the order and reach out to the prescriber for a new prescription.
  • If there are any issues with an order, the pharmacy will contact the customer.


  • Prescriptions will be filled at the day’s low price, which can be viewed on
  • Price match prices are not eligible on Automated Refills; customers must contact the pharmacy to request a price match


  • Refills will be billed to the credit card on file
  • Customers are responsible for updating the pharmacy with any changes or updates to their credit card.


  • Orders in the Auto Refill programs will be shipped to the same address the most recent order was shipped to
  • If is the customer’s responsibility to notify and update if there is a change to their address.

Shopping Carts

  • Orders created through our automated systems will not be viewable on the customer’s account


  • Once prescriptions have shipped, they are not returnable nor refundable.
  • Customers can call in prior to a prescriptions auto-refill date to cancel the refill

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