DEA/Scheduled Drugs Notice Pharmacy does not dispense Schedule II prescription drugs. Certain states may have scheduling rules or restrictions that differ from the schedules published by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).’s Pharmacy staff will perform a drug utilization review on all prescription drug orders to determine, at a minimum, if the prescription is legal and valid, if there is a medical necessity for the prescription, and to verify the patient-prescriber relationship, as mandated by law.

Physicians prescribing controlled substances MUST have correct prescriptive authority, as determined by applicable federal and state law, a valid state-controlled substance registration, if required by state law, and a valid registration issued by the DEA.

Pharmacists employed by Pharmacy exercise independent professional judgment and have full discretion to decline any order that they are uncomfortable fulfilling. reserves the right to decline any order for a prescription drug without explanation. Rejection of an order by is not subject to additional review or appeal by the customer. reserves the right to report any suspicious orders to the DEA and/or local law enforcement.

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