Preferred Physician Savings Program invites you to join our Preferred Physician Program. Why should you and your office join our program? is a licensed pharmacy that sells prescription drugs based on our purchase costs direct to consumers without any insurance or third-party involvement. We do not sell to any other pharmacy. We do not sell anything in bulk. We are not the distributor. Our pricing is designed to get your patients the lowest price. Period.

Savings Program Benefits

By participating in our Preferred Physician Program your patients will be eligible for special promotions at no additional cost! We will provide you with a special "Customer Code" that you can issue your patients when they order through our pharmacy service. Here is what the customer will get:

Coordination of Care is a safe and reliable pharmacy service. Our licensed pharmacists - most of whom are also doctors - will coordinate with you to give your patients quality care at an affordable cost. If you ever need to speak to a pharmacist regarding a mutual patient please call the pharmacy at (800) 964 - 9654. We are dedicated to POSITIVE health outcomes! When you enroll in the Preferred Physician Program we will work with your office manager(s) to ensure that they have our SureScripts e-Prescribe information to expeditiously coordinate prescriptions and prescription refills for our mutual patients, or our fax information if you are not currently e-prescribing. 

How it works

  1. When you are ready to get started  open a support ticket or email with the office manager(s) contact name, email, phone number, doctor's name, and practice address
  2. Once we receive that information a member of our Engagement Team will reach out to you to get more information, create a unique Customer Code for your practice, and have information sent to the office(s) (at no cost to you!) 
  3. When you need to prescribe a patient a prescription drug - check our prices first
  4. If we are more affordable give your patient your "Customer Code" and instruct them to begin placing an order through our website and follow the instructions during checkout to make payment
  5. e-Prescribe or Fax the prescription to our pharmacy
  6. We will take it from there!

When your patients order with we will:

  • Coordinate getting prescriptions from your office
  • Check for adverse drug interactions
  • Make sure they are saving as much as possible
  • Ensure the accuracy of their order and its timely arrival
  • Coordinate additional refills when they need a new prescription
  • Answer any questions they may have. Pharmacist consultion available 24 hrs a day

How to start saving on your medication today!