How to use Customer Codes

Customer Codes are provided to Partners for distribution to their members. The Customer Code only has to be entered in once and will entitle you to all of the benefits negotiated for you by the Partner. Your benefits will be valid for as long as the partnership is active. Please refer to the Partner who gave you the code for a detailed list of benefits with

Having Trouble?

If your code is not working, you are receiving an error message or you have a question please submit a support ticket here and a member of Engagement Team will reach out to you to resolve the issue.

Customer Code Tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is my Customer Code active for?

A: Your Customer Code (and its benefits) are active from the time you add your Customer Code to your account until the benefits of your code are exhausted, or you are no longer part of the organization the code was active for, or your organization’s partnership with is discontinued.

Q: My spouse and I both use, and order at the same time using the same account, do we each receive the benefits of the Customer Code?

A: Yes.

Q: I have multiple Customer Codes; can I apply all the different terms to my account?

A: No. Each customer is only allowed to use ONE Customer Code per account.

Q: I have a Customer Code and found a promotional code online, can I combine the offers?

A: Yes. Please read our terms and conditions. Promotional code offers are applied first, then Customer Code related promotions.

Q: Where do I enter my Customer Code?

A: When you create your account (you can do that here), you will enter it in the data field titled “Customer Code” or you can provide it over the phone when you place your order. Please tell the pharmacy staff member about the Customer Code at the beginning of the call.

Q: I am receiving an error code when creating my account with my Customer Code, why isn’t my code working?

A: Please submit a support ticket and a member of the Engagement Team will reach out to you.

Q: I am an existing user and just received a Customer Code from one of your partners, where do I enter it?

A:  Please submit a support ticket and we will update your account for you! You can also give us a call at (800) 964-9654 and our pharmacy staff will update your account.

Terms and Conditions

  • All benefits that include a $ or % off of prescriptions may NOT be used towards controlled substances.
  • Accelerated Loyalty Point offers are not applicable towards Controlled Substance purchases (no loyalty points are earned on controlled substances).
  • When using a Promo Code in conjunction with your Customer Code the Promo Code will be applied first, then your Customer Code.
  • Customer Code Partnerships may be revoked at any time at the discretion of
  • Abuse of Customer Codes will be deemed as a violation of our Terms of Service and result in a lifetime ban from