How to Use Promotion Codes

How to use Promotion Codes

These are codes that can be found on our social media, our website, coupon sites or sent you directly from a member of our Engagement Team when you participate in more ways to save or just for being a great customer! Promotional Codes are applied during our web checkout from your “shopping cart.”

Having Trouble?

If your code is not working or you receive an error message stating the code is not valid, please submit a support ticket here and a member of the Engagement Team will reach out to you to resolve the issue.

Promotion Code Tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is my Promotional Code active for?

A: Promotional Codes are valid for 120 days unless otherwise specified depending on the promotional offer. Expired codes are no longer valid.

Q: I do not have access to the internet. Am I able to still use my Promotional Code?

A: Yes! When you call to place your order, at the beginning of the call please let our pharmacy staff know that you have a Promotional Code you would like to use. If you tell them after we collect payment we may not be able to accept it until your next order.

Q: My spouse and I both use, and order at the same time using the same account, do we each receive the benefits of the Promotional Code?

A: No. Promotion Codes are only valid per person per order.

Q: I have multiple Promotional Codes; can I use multiple codes in one order?

A: No. Each customer is only allowed to use ONE Promotional Code per order.

Q: I have a Customer Code and found a Promotional Code online, can I combine the offers?

A: Yes. Please read our terms and conditions. Promotional Code offers are applied first, then customer code related promotions.

Q: Where do I enter my Promotional Code?

A:  When you go to your shopping cart, click “Apply Promotion Code” and enter your code.

Q: Why isn’t my code working?

A: Please submit a support ticket and a member of the Engagement Team will reach out to you.

Terms and Conditions

  • All Promotional Codes that include a $ or % off of prescriptions may NOT be used towards the purchase of controlled substances.
  • Free shipping Promotional Codes can be applied to any valid prescription order.
  • Promotional codes expire 120 days from the day they were issued.
  • Abuse of Promotional Codes will be deemed as a violation of our Terms of Service and result in a lifetime ban from