How we compare to Blink Health and pharmacy discount websites and apps

Here are just some of the ways we compare to Blink Health and other pharmacy discount websites and apps.

Why is better than Blink Health and pharmacy discount websites and apps

✔ Prices are guaranteed and always accepted because we are the pharmacy
✔ We coordinate clinical care with your doctors
✔ We obtain and transfer your prescriptions to our pharmacy
✔ We ship your prescriptions to your door within 5 days guaranteed
✔ Access to licensed pharmacists 24/7/365
✔ Licensed and regulated by over 40 state boards of pharmacy and the Drug Enforcement Agency

How We Compare to Blink Health and pharmacy discount websites and apps

 Here are just some of the ways we compare to Blink Health:

× Blink Health and others cannot guarantee acceptance at the pharmacy

Have you ever left your local pharmacy feeling tired, defeated and without your meds because of high prices? Imagine searching the internet, finding a coupon, going to the pharmacy, and waiting in line, just to find out that your local corner pharmacy will not accept the coupon?

For example, Blink Health is not accepted at CVS, Walgreens, and many other pharmacies.

At our prices are GUARANTEED and always accepted because we are the pharmacy. You can browse over 1,800 medications online and sometimes even choose your preferred manufacturer. Best of all: no trips to the pharmacy required. We will transfer your prescriptions for you.

× Blink Health and others cannot coordinate your prescriptions

Since we are a licensed pharmacy, only employs licensed Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.  This means you have licensed staff processing your order from the moment you call us. After we speak with you, we contact your doctors and perform a DUR (also known as a Drug Utilization Review for us non- pharmacy folks) and a Pharmacist checks for any drug interactions for all prescriptions you are taking, even when you have multiple doctors or prescriptions. Blink Health cannot speak to your doctor on your behalf about your prescriptions.

× Blink Health and others cannot transfer your prescriptions

With we are committed to doing all the work for you. So, while you go about your life, our licensed pharmacy staff is hard at work transferring your prescriptions from your current pharmacy or contacting your doctor’s office for a new prescription. No driving, no waiting in line. With Blink Health nothing changes with your prescription process.

× Blink Health cannot provide Clinical Care

A coupon site will not be able to answer your question and googling your symptoms just doesn’t seem like the best practice for self-care. has a Pharmacist on speed dial available to you to answer any of your clinical questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t ask your smartphone. Ask a Pharmacist. Have a question? Call the pharmacy at (800) 964 – 9654.

 × Blink Health and others are not licensed or regulated by Boards of Pharmacy or Federal Agencies is regulated by over 50 state and federal regulators. Our pharmacy practices are regulated by each state’s board of pharmacy and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Our drugs are safe, FDA approved and probably purchased from many of the same wholesalers as your local corner store pharmacy, who are also regulated by state board of pharmacies and the DEA. Those drugs are purchased by the wholesaler from FDA-approved manufacturers who are regulated by the FDA. We are also certified as a safe website by LegitScript and as a Safe Pharmacy by the National Boards of Pharmacy, which has also inspected our facility.

Blink Health has a “Resource and referral site” certificate from the National Boards of Pharmacy.

× Blink Health and others do not price match will price match a generic prescription drug if you find it for a lower cash price, guaranteed.*

 *Terms and conditions apply. Please visit to learn more


How Our Prices Compare to Blink Health

How our prices compare to Blink Health. The below prices are based on a 30-day supply.

Drug Name


Blink Health

Drug Price*

Our Drug Price**

% Savings 


40 mg





5 mg





40 mg





20 mg




*Generic drug prices as of 4/10/18 for a 30-day supply per

** Prices do not include $6.95 flat-rate shipping per order per person