Licensure & Compliance

Digital Pharmacy Florida Board of Pharmacy accreditation Certified by LegitScript Pharmacy is a licensed pharmacy located in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. We are domiciled in Florida and are licensed by, or registered with, the Florida Board of Pharmacy, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the boards of pharmacies of many other states and state agencies that govern the distribution of controlled substances.

Our pharmacy staff includes licensed Pharmacists, Registered Pharmacy Technicians and professional Customer Service Representatives.  Each staff member is dedicated to providing our customers with courteous and efficient service. Our pharmacists are available for clinical counseling during business hours and are on-call for emergency consultations during non- business hours. 

Who regulates us?

At the state level, we are regulated by each states’ respective board of pharmacy which is comprised of independently elected or appointed officials who regulate that states’ pharmacy practice rules. We are also regulated by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and various state agencies that govern the distribution of controlled substances. Furthermore, we adhere to certain principles established by independent agencies responsible for policing the Internet and other pharmacy-related standards, such as LegitScript and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.  In particular, we participate in the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) .Pharmacy Verified Websites Program.

Our supply chain is safe

We dispense only FDA-approved prescription drugs. In addition, we acquire our prescription drug supply only from licensed and regulated American wholesalers. Often, the wholesalers are the same ones that sell to your local pharmacy. 

We service most of the United States

We ship to all states where we hold an out-of-state pharmacy license, which is provided by your state’s respective Board of Pharmacy. You can help expedite the approval of our pharmacy license in your state by writing or calling your state's Board of Pharmacy and asking them to do so.

State License Map

Last Updated: Map updated on October 17, 2018.

State-By-State License Permit List

State Permit Number
AK 119672
AR OS02851
AZ Y007566
CA 2024
CO OSP.0006919
CT PCN.0003225
D.C.  NRX1701215
DE A9-0001975
FL PH30519
GA PHNR001198
HI PMP-1512
IA 4893
ID 46709MS
IL 054.020650
IN 64002438A
KS 22-104416
KY FL2327
LA PHY.007684
MD P07688
ME MO40002259
MI 5301011481
MN 265562
MO 2018001826
MS 16595
NC 13440
ND Phar1442
NE 1159
NH NR1469
NJ 28RO00163100
NM PH00004572
NV PH-3765
NY 35293
OH NRP.022679400-03
OK 99-8074
OR RP-0003361-CS
PA NP000793
RI PHN11390
SC  17815
SD 400-1735
TN 6172
TX 31703
UT 10578114-1708
VA 214002028
VT 36.0127344
WA PHNR.FO.60727949
WI 1864-43
WV MO0561151
WY NR-51375
  • Please note: Massachusetts does not currently require an out-of-state Board of Pharmacy license to ship prescriptions to their residents. 
  • Please note: Puerto Rico does not currently require an out-of-state Board of Pharmacy license to ship prescription drugs**  to their residents.
  • ** will not ship controlled substances to Puerto Rico.

LegitScript has gone through the process for its website to be certified with LegitScript as an Internet pharmacy website. 

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) .Pharmacy Verified Websites Program has gone through the process to obtain a mailmyprescriptions.Pharmacy domain name and be listed on the Safe.Pharmacy website. In order to obtain a .Pharmacy domain extension, we demonstrated compliance with all of the program standards found here.

Is your information secure? follows the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other important standards to keep your data secure.

Our pharmacy operates a near-paperless environment, and all unnecessary paper containing sensitive data are shredded and recycled throughout the day every day.  Shredded and recycled paper and plastic are placed under lock and key until removed from our premises for disposal.

We work with leaders in the information technology industry to provide a fast, convenient, safe, and secure user experience. Our data is stored in secured data centers in multiple locations throughout the United States. These data centers have layers of human security measures, hardware security measures, and software security measures in place to protect your data. Without disclosing our system’s architecture, rest assured that there are layers of firewalls, encryption, constantly revolving passwords, and user-access controls before anyone can even get close to accessing your data.

We do not share your information with any third parties without your consent or unless permitted to do so by federal or state law. We do not use your information for third party marketing. To learn more about our privacy practices, click here.

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