Preferred Partner Program

The Preferred Partner Program is designed to offer groups of individuals, employers, associations, and non-prescribing healthcare providers, even more, savings when their members use our pharmacy service! is a licensed pharmacy that sells prescription drugs based on our purchase costs direct to consumers without any insurance or third-party involvement. We do not sell to any other pharmacy. We do not sell anything in bulk. We are not the distributor. Our pricing is designed to get your customers the lowest price. Period.

Savings Program Benefits

By participating in our Preferred Partner Program your members will be eligible for special promotions at no additional cost! We will provide you with a special "Customer Code" that you can issue your members when they order through our pharmacy service.

Here is what your members will get:

How it works

  1. When you are ready to get started open a support ticket or email with your name, email, phone number, and the group name, type of organization, and group size
  2. Once we receive that information a member of our Engagement Team will reach out to you to collect more information
  3. If your organization qualifies we will create a unique Customer Code for your organization
  4. We will work with you to develop information to educate your members on

When your members order with we will:

  • Coordinate getting prescriptions from their doctor
  • Check for adverse drug interactions
  • Make sure they are saving as much as possible
  • Ensure the accuracy of their order and its timely arrival
  • Coordinate additional refills when they need a new prescription
  • Answer any questions they may have 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

How to start saving on your medication today!