Our Story was founded to be the most affordable pharmacy in the United States.

Three years ago our founder had a hunch that due to the combination of healthcare regulation, reform, and increasingly backward drug pricing system driven by conflicting relationships among PBMs, that consumers would be less likely to be able to afford their prescription drugs. He predicted that further reform and deregulation cycles would lead to increasing premiums, decreasing coverage, and would force consumers to shop for healthcare savings. He created so that American's could find the most affordable drug prices and a better pharmacy experience in one place.

We built a 24,000 sq. ft. pharmacy to execute this vision. has raised over $10 million in funding from strategic investors including pharmacy supply chain stakeholders and an insurance company. ships prescription drugs in 49 states, and pending license approval in AL. It operates a state-of-the-art automated dispensing pharmacy and customer service operations center in Boca Raton, FL in the same business park as the USPS Woodland Station.

At we come to work every day and solve hard problems to help improve our national community of prescription drug consumers. We are innovating what pharmacy should be, totally reinventing the pharmacy experience of today. Our vision for the pharmacy of tomorrow is a pharmacy based on choice and affordability without sacrificing quality health care. We feel the argument that health care has to be expensive and limited is monolithic, and we’re changing that view with good-old fashion American hubris. Some call our style of pharmacy "online" or "mail-order" or "digital" or "cloud-based". But we just call it plain old pharmacy. We preach that boring is better. Low prices. Seamless experience. And great customer service at your convenience: this is how pharmacy should be. cuts out middlemen and eliminates markups.

As prescription drugs in the US move from manufacturer to consumer, their prices get marked up by a series of middlemen. By the time a drug gets to you, it’s often priced several thousand percents higher than its actual wholesale acquisition cost. Our founder saw this unfair business practice hurting average Americans and set out to disrupt an industry in need of real change. We offer over 2,000 different authentic, FDA-approved generic drugs bought from many of the same pharmacy wholesalers as retail drug stores, but we do not charge the suggested list prices, thus saving our customers money. Customers can find their prescription drugs on our website, order by phone from a team of licensed pharmacy staff members, and save up to 90% on retail drug store prices.

It’s that simple. No other pharmacy is as affordable, convenient and trustworthy as

We are as focused on convenience as we are on affordability.

Per recent reporting by Bloomberg, our Founder's prediction has, unfortunately, come to fruition as deductibles have skyrocketed over the last decade by over 200%. Furthermore, per a February 23, 2018 study, the CDC has found that more than 40% of Americans have high-deductible health plans. Thankfully, American's now have a new option through the pharmacy service. We guarantee the lowest cash-pay generic drug prices and will price match any competitor including discount cards. We guarantee 5-day delivery. We guarantee 48 business-hour fulfillment. And we do not plan to stop here. We are innovating the technologies in order to continue to speed up our fulfillment times and offer a constantly improving service. We don’t just want to be fast. We want to be the best. The most convenient and the safest. has been investing heavily in technology and intends to launch its own proprietary software suite in the first quarter of 2019. Our approach is to use artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and automation to augment our human capabilities in order to offer a safer, more convenient pharmacy experience. 

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Management Bio

Santo J. Leo

Founder, CEO, and President

Santo has nearly two decades of internet marketing experience, starting his first internship at a digital advertising agency while in junior high. He founded his first start-up at the age of 18 after raising nearly $1-million dollars in capital. Later he spent 5-years at a digital advertising agency in Boca Raton, FL where he rose to Director of Business Development and was involved in several M&A transactions. During his tenure at that agency, he was responsible for the expansion of the agency's affiliate program into the Health Insurance Services, Durable Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical verticals. From there, he developed his worldview of the retail-pharmacy space and came up with a novel idea of offering prescription drugs at low costs based on the actual wholesale cost from the supplier, instead of industry-standard list-based pricing. He then founded and the rest is history. Over the last few years, Santo has become a subject matter expert on the pharmacy industry, a promoter of low drug prices, and is working to create reinvent pharmacy: He envisions a seamless online pharmacy experience that is as convenient as Amazon Prime, as high touch as Uber, and customer service as friendly as Zappos. He recently gave the keynote at a healthcare conference for investors at Barclays. You can learn more about his story by following his personal blog here

Dani Dorsett, BSPharm, RPh

Pharmacist-in-Charge & Vice President of Pharmacy

Dani has 25 years of experience in the retail/community and mail order pharmacy businesses, having developed expertise in production operations, managed care, high volume automation, inventory management, workflow management, policy and procedure development, URAC accreditation, prescription drug monitoring programs, compliance, quality assurance and process improvement through prior her roles at Publix Pharmacy (1993-2005), Aetna Rx Home Delivery (2005-2008), and most recently, OptumRx (2008-2017). Dorsett has been directly involved in bringing online several processing and dispensing facilities and has managed multiple system
conversions and migrations.

Donovan Chin

Vice President of Finance

Donovan has more than 25 years of experience in various financial reporting and budgeting functions from Perfumania Holdings, a vertically integrated wholesale distributor and specialty retailer of perfumes and fragrances, where he most recently served as Chief Financial Officer of the company’s retail division. Prior to joining Perfumania in 1995, Mr. Chin was part of Price Waterhouse LLP’s Audit practice.

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