Pricing Policy

Low-priced pharmacy. 

That’s right. The first. The order of these words is important. We are a pharmacy that sells prescription drugs based on our acquisition costs.  To our knowledge, we are the only pharmacy service in the country to offer such pricing direct to consumers without any insurance or third party payor involved.

How our pricing works.

It is not easy and kind of complicated, but the result is worth it: The most affordable pharmacy experience in the United States. We have spent the last two years literally "breaking" pharmacy norms. We have developed a complex algorithm that shops our licensed wholesalers, per Generic Identifier Code ("GPI"), in order to find which licensed wholesaler is offering which FDA-approved prescription drug at the lowest price per unit at any given time. We then provide those prices to our customers in real time.

To add a layer of complexity, we are doing this in a live commodity market. 

You see, prescription drugs are commodities. Only so many are made at a time, so the value and the available stock changes daily. This means that when our customer is buying prescription drugs from us, we are technically bidding in real-time, like on a stock exchange, against other pharmacies in the United States for that same drug.

We leverage our size, buying power, and other "tools" to offer almost every prescription drug available, even if one of our wholesalers runs out. We do this by creating a virtual marketplace. For example, if we sell out of Teva Rosuvastatin Calcium 20mg tablets at $0.20 per tablet, you may notice a few minutes later that it has reappeared at $0.25 or $0.19 per tablet or that the Teva-manufactured tablet page is gone and now it is the Sun Pharma Global-manufactured Rosuvastatin Calcium 20mg tablet page. What we are doing is shopping on your behalf. We are shopping various bottle sizes (like 100 or 1,000 pills) and various manufacturers from multiple wholesalers in order to find the best deals for our customers.

Our pricing algorithms are designed to get you the cheapest pricing possible. Period.

We do not offer discounts.

We do not charge you based on the “list price” published by manufacturers. In fact, if they stopped publishing them, it would not affect our pricing whatsoever. Since we do not charge the “list prices” of manufacturers, we do not need to discount our drug prices.

We are not a "pharmaceutical wholesaler."

We do not sell anything to any other pharmacy. Period. We do not sell anything in bulk. We are not a distributor. 

Your meds on autopilot. Forever.