Share a Savings Story

Post a picture of your "Green or Kraft" Box on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #SearchCallSave and share your savings story to receive $10.00 OFF on your next order!

How it works

  1. Order from Pharmacy Service
  2. When you receive your "Green or Kraft Box" take a picture of it
  3. Post the picture on Facebook or Twitter tag @MailMyPrescriptions (Facebook), @MailMyRx (Twitter), hashtag #SearchCallSave and mention if you saved money by switching to our pharmacy service, how much you saved and what pharmacy you switched from
  4. A "Engagement Team" member will direct message you from our official profile on FacebookTwitter, or a one-time use promotional code to get $10.00 off your next order
  5. Within 120 days use the promotional-code online during your next checkout or provide it over the phone while you are placing your next order


Q: I am an existing customer, but I did not save my "Green Box".
A: Don't worry! This is an ongoing promotion. When you place your next order and get your next "Green Box" you can post your savings story and get the promotion.

Q: My spouse and I both use, and order at the same time using the same account, do we each get a  promotional code if we post the offer?
A: If each of you has individual social media profiles on either Facebook and/or Twitter, and post an individual story on your respective profiles, then each of you would receive for a one-time promotional code for each of your respective profiles. We will not provide two codes for a post on a "joint" social media profile.

Q: If I post on Facebook and Twitter do I get TWO f promotional codes?
A: No, you would still get only one promotional code, because the offer is valid one-time per customer.

Q: I don't have Facebook or Twitter can I still get $10.00 off my order?
A: This is an exclusive promotion for customers with Facebook or Twitter.

Q: I only use Instagram, can I still qualify for the offer?
A: currently does not have an Instagram account. Please reach out to the Engagement Team if you have any additional questions.

Q: I  have more than one promotional code, can I combine them?

A: No. Each customer is only allowed to use ONE promotional code per order. Promotional offers cannot be combined.

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer only valid one-time per person
  • Offer only valid for a post on one social media profile: Facebook or Twitter
  • $10.00 off your order promotional code can only be used one-time per person, per order. Promotional code offers may not be combined.
  • Once issued, the promotional code is valid for 120 days
  • Spouses that share an online account may receive two promotional codes if they post on each individual person's Facebook or Twitter
Do you still have questions? Open a support ticket here