Leave a Verified Trustpilot Review and Get $10.00 off your next order!

Beginning February 26, 2018, we have partnered with the online review community, Trustpilot, to collect "Verified Reviews" from new customers that provide us an email address. Within 14-days of your first order, you should receive an invitation containing a unique one-time link to leave a "Verified Review." This way people know your experience was a real one. Trustpilot will only send an invitation one time with your first order. In appreciation of your time, if you leave a verified review, we will send you a one-time use promotional code for your next order through mailmyprescriptions.com. 

If you decide to leave a review, please do not include any of your personal information. mailmyprescriptions.com staff will be able to see your email and send you your promotional code for use on your next order. All reviews, good, bad or otherwise will be visible immediately. People DO read these reviews! The press reads them. Our pharmacy staff and executive management read them and we are listening to you, and love hearing from you. This is a great opportunity to let America know that there is a real problem with drug pricing in this country and that there is finally a real alternative by switching to mailmyprescriptions.com.

How it works

  1. Order from mailmyprescriptions.com Pharmacy Service
  2. After about 14-days you should receive an email invitation from Trustpilot with a special URL to leave a "Verified Review"
  3. A mailmyprescriptions.com  "Engagement Team" member will be notified of your review and email you a one-time use promotional code
  4. Within 120 days use the coupon code online during your next checkout or provide it over the phone while you are placing your next order


Q: My spouse and I both use mailmyprescriptions.com, and order at the same time using the same account, do we each get a promotional code if we post the offer?
A: Unfortunately you can only leave one verified review per account, so you would only qualify for one free-shipping promotion.

Q: Why haven't I received an email with my promotional code yet?
A: If you have left a verified review please give us up to 5-business days to send you a promotional code. If you still have not received one, please open a support ticket.

Q: It's been 14-days and I haven't received a Trustpilot invitation.
A: If you cannot find the invitation, or believe you did not receive the invitation, or your unique link has expired please open a support ticket and we will send you a new unique invitation.
Q: I have more than one promotional code, can combine them?
A: No. Each customer is only allowed to use ONE promotional code per order. Promotional offers cannot be combined.
Terms and Conditions
  • Offer only valid one time per person
  • Promotional code can only be used one-time per person, per order. Promotional code offers may not be combined.
  • Once issued, the promotional code is valid for 120 days
Do you still have questions? Open a support ticket here

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